How it Works

Good for PoC is a survey that can be filled out by people of color working at tech companies. It’s meant to be a measure of how people of color in the tech industry are treated/feel included at the companies they work for.

Good for PoC is meant to serve people of color, not the companies that are submitted. Filling out the survey does not mean that your company will be listed on the site.

Our goal is to provide an anonymous and safe space for people of color to share their experiences at the companies they work for. We encourage those who identify as people of color to fill out the survey.

What happens after a company is submitted?

When we’ve chosen a company to highlight, it’s usually because it has a good track record. We carefully review each submission and research the company to make sure that we’re providing the high quality information for people of color visiting the site. Finding a job is an incredibly important life decision and we want to make sure we’re honoring the weight of such a decision when highlighting a company.

We take people of color’s lives and experiences in the tech industry very seriously. Companies that have conflicting submissions are set aside until we can get more people of color at the company in question to fill out the survey.

Can companies be removed?

Absolutely. As people grow and change, so do their experiences at a company. Even with the companies that are currently listed, if we receive submissions of negative experiences from people of color that negatively impacts the inclusivity rating, the company will be removed.

I’m a [insert role here], can I encourage my co-workers to fill out the survey?

No. If you are a recruiter, a CEO, a member of human resources, or generally someone in a position of power at a company, we urge you to not ask your employees to fill out the survey. Doing so can cause loss of anonymity. It can also cause the people of color you’ve asked to feel as if they have to give a good review for fear of retaliation otherwise. We know your intentions are in the right place, but we ask that you respect your employees and allow them to fill out the survey on their own terms.

Yes. If you identify as a person of color, aren’t in a role of power, and want to share the survey with a fellow co-worker, by all means, please do!